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The Jonker Family

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Our Heritage

The roots of Mooiuitsig started in 1912 when Nicolaas Lourens (Klaas) Jonker obtained a piece of land near Bonnievale, adjoining his farm Goedemoed in Robertson. This visionary move aimed to bestow each of his four sons with a piece of land. The eldest Adolph Johannes Jonker took the task upon himself to cultivate and expand the land to be, what we today know as Mooiuitsig.

This came with many challenges and obstacles. In 1923 the construction of the Brandvlei dam brought great relieve to the water scarcity at that stage. With this vital water source the land  developed into a haven for grape cultivation. This lead to the expansion of the vineyards, triggering the need for more expansive and sophisticated cellars.

In 1947, the dream of Adolp Sr. to establish his own wine label materialized and the wholesale liquor company, Mooiuitsig Wynkelders (Edms) Bpk was born. His son, Nicolaas Lourens, who had completed his viticulture degree that very year, took the mantle forward. This brought great growth of the Mooiuitsig Group and  progressive expansion and procurement of additional land. Creating more administrative responsibilities and many more opportunities. Also leading to the conversion of the old cellar into the Overberg Co-operative Wine Cellar, where the wine production, distillation, bottling and distribution takes place managed by Mooiuitsig Wynkelders.


The Mooiuitsig Group

Mooiuitsig Wynkelder take immense pride in its role as a family – owned wholesale alcoholic beverage company. The legacy continues with Nicolaas and Michiel Jonker, exemplifying the fifth generation of the Jonker family’s commitment to Mooiuitsig.

The production of our wines resides in Bonnievale on the Mooiuitsig Farm, while our outreach spans South Africa through depots in Misgund (Langkloof), De Aar, and Aliwal North.To expand our distribution network, the Group also oversees various liquor stores across the Western and Eastern Cape regions.

Our diverse portfolio of wines, includes Hanepoot, Port, Brandy and our Rusthof brand graces our table wines, celebrated and cherished across South Africa.

Over the years, Mooiuitsig Boerdery has evolved into a constellation of farms along the Bree and Sonderend rivers. While wine grapes remain our focus, we’ve diversified our agricultural pursuits, such as a cattle farm, complemented by flourishing pecan orchards and abundant butternut production. The cattle venture, along the riverbanks, has grown into the renowned brand “Meatworths.” Under this banner, we produce refined meat in various forms to the consumers. To perfect the process, a dedicated feedlot has been established for the meticulous finishing of calves destined for Meatworths.

In response to our growing horizons, our foray into real estate has grown including liquor stores and similar properties. This step led to the creation of a real estate department. Today, this department operates as an independent branch under the stewardship of the Mooiuitsig Group, managing a portfolio of properties across various towns in the Western and Eastern Cape regions.

Despite the size of the Group, strong emphasis is placed on the values established by previous generations. The Mooiuitsig Group’s business model has always been supported by honest, reliable, and loyal practices where Christian principles are applied. We offer good quality products for the middle to low-income market and a value for your money.

As a Group and a family, we stride into the future, continuing to build upon this storied foundation, guided by the principles that have defined our journey.